We help small businesses operate more effectively.

Whether it's management consulting, marketing, IT, organization, finance or strategy, we are experts in assisting or managing early stage companies and positioning them for outsized growth. Our proven record of utilizing a proprietary strategic framework continues to pay dividends for our clients.

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No Company Left Behind

Bob Wolters - CEO

WAI is known for its expertise in providing a range of services that have proven effective time and again.

"Our difference is in our experience, our strategy and our people" 

- Bob Wolters, CEO

We have been there and done that, so we know how to be hands on. Our process starts with deep listening, deeper analysis and comprehensive discussions with our clients about recommended solutions. 

Discussions with client companies often start in one area: marketing, IT, operations, supply chain, etc.. They often quickly evolve into deeper strategic and organizational engagements.

Our experts apply best-in-class practices to these areas, involving proprietary analytics and structural frameworks. 

We work with our clients to recommend comprehensive solutions, and then collaborate on creating detailed implementation and measurement plans. 

"No company left behind."

Most management firms leave their clients with a thick report written by recent college graduates and then leave. 

But our team of experts partners with our clients and gets a sense of the operating culture while working to position them for long-term profitability and market leadership. 



We are proud of our dynamic portfolio of growth companies.

We are taking an innovative approach to managing these companies. Though they are in diverse spaces such as foodservice, training, publishing, software and medical devices, they have one thing in common: our strategic management, analytical and operating capabilities have positioned them for success despite the inevitable fluctuation of economic cycles. 

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